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We provide different pricing structures to make the service affordable for all interested. These services include a yearly computer maintenance shedule and customer tech services.

backup your important files

We can backup and save your most important files to an external drive from your ailing laptop or computer.

download your necessary drivers for your devices

We find incomplete files when attempting to up grade your various devices. We will ensure that all your relevant files are available for your use

Virus protection

We keep your devices protected by ensuring the latest virus updates are installed on your device at an affordable price

Windows and Office install is provided

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Per year

  • remove spyware 2 times
  • update drivers 1 time
  • optimize once for the year


Per year

  • remove malware twice yearly
  • 3 optimization yearly
  • update system drivers twice yearly
  • 1year tech support


Per year

Frequently asked questions

The term Malware is a contraction of many malicious software. Malware is any piece of sowtware designed to do harm to your devices.

Most available antivirus programs is able to remove malware infection however i recommend using AVG as its free and lightweight in installing.

Any one can download and use AVG antivirus for free

Just do a google search for AVG and download the free version

Our clients say

"I love these guys and how they solved my phone problems. I could not access my phonees data and they were able to get me back in"
Hilary Leigh
"Excellent work ethics and very honest. They are very informed with the cellphone markets"
Hall Read
"My Iphone was locked to a special carrier but they were able to unlock my phone"
Quintin Angus
"They were able to repair my Ipad tablet in less than an hour..awesome guys"
Jillie Tempest